Our History in Fort Worth

Jeff Eubank was born and raised in Fort Worth.. His father, Max Eubank, founded a roofing company in 1960 where Jeff worked summers growing up and went to work full-time after TCU. In 1988 Jeff split from his father and started Jeff Eubank Roofing Co., Inc with one used truck and some spare equipment.

Since then he has established one of the most capable and trusted commercial roofing companies in the market. Jeff Eubank Roofing Co., Inc. specializes in the installation of all roof systems with an emphasis on roof replacements over sensitive building operations and occupants.” Both of his sons, Jeff and Ryan, grew up in the company and are heavily involved in its success. “When quality is a part of life, it will pass from generation to generation. Trust your roofing project to Jeff Eubank Roofing Co., Inc. and quality will be found many years to come.

A Commitment to Safety

Jeff Eubank Roofing is fully committed to providing safe working environment for all its employees and customers. Jeff Eubank Roofing considers jobsite safety to be the most important aspect of our daily operations. Each project is approached with a safety first mentality. From the beginning stages of the bidding process to jobsite demobilization safety is paramount. We have an in-house safety manager who trains all employees in jobsite safety and performs jobsite safety audits.

While most companies will claim that they run safety minded projects our records can actually substantiate our claims. Year after year our Experience Modifier Rate, which is a number used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk, ranks among the lowest in the roofing industry. To date Jeff Eubank Roofing has never received any serious or willful OSHA or provincial health and safety citations.

Roofing Systems


Built-Up Roofing (Asphalt and Gravel)


Modified Bitumen








Architectural Sheet Metal




Fluid-Applied Membrane


Coal-Tar Pitch






Asphalt Shingle

Our Partners

Our carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers are part of our commitment to quality and service. They are a big part of our team.